Hand Carved Designs
by Peter Van Rossum

Welcome to the Workshop

Peter works with hand tools, patience, determination, imagination.  His materials are sustainable sources whenever possible, and his teak creations are made from post-consumer FSC® recycled 100% Teak, reclaimed by hand from historic buildings slated for demolition.

Peter's old world craftsmanship and use of hand tools result in his one-of-a-kind designs. By keeping old traditions alive, he continues to learn and to transform base materials into objects that no machine can reproduce.

One of Peter's goals in woodcarving is to help bring awareness to the things we buy and put in our homes.  Where they are made, who made them, and how they are crafted, are all aspects imbedded into their history; from seed, to tree, to lumber, to craftsman, to completion.  We hope you choose to bring happiness and sustainability into your home. 

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